Prayers for Setting Proper Priorities

Prayer for Self Discipline:

My Heavenly Father, I need your help in learning how to organize and prioritize my work. I am an intelligent person. but I deal with procrastination. I plead with you in helping me learn how to prioritize my duties and tasks. Help me learn to organize what needs to be done so I get more done without waiting until the last minute. You tell me my life is a book to my fellow men. My desire is to demonstrate purpose and dignity to my family friends, acquaintances, and all I come into contact with. I can’t do that without your help.

Lord, I ask that you help me with nonproductive thoughts and activities that are getting in the way of what you desire of me and what I know I need to accomplish in my daily life. This boils down to discipline. I need more. Please keep me focused and remove distractions. Keep me focused minute by minute, building self-discipline to remove barriers to productivity. Social media, television, and technology are time robbers. I ask you to help me capture my straying thoughts and make them laser-focused on what you want to be accomplished.

I ask that you help me prioritize what is important. Lord, I desire to begin my day with you. I pray for self-discipline to make that the number one priority in my life. After that, I ask the Holy Spirit show me which tasks should take priority. I have a tendency to work on projects that are easy when they may not be the most important. Lord, help me concentrate on importance rather than easy.

Lord, I acknowledge you are my strength when I am weak. I surrender my life to you. I give you all the glory for the positive changes that are going to manifest in my life. In Jesus’ precious name.

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