About Daily Prayers

Why Daily Prayers?

DailyPrayers.com is a passion project spawned out of the realization that many people around the world are facing very challenging times since covid. People are struggling emotionally, mentally, and physically. However, we serve a God that is capable of overcoming ALL of our struggles….all we have to do is to reach out to him in prayer!

Sometimes that is easier said than done…in our darkest moments, we often struggle even to know where to start in our prayer time. Hopefully, this site will grow to be a resource for igniting those intimate conversations with the Heavenly Father.

We believe that prayer should be personal, natural, and un-intimidating. There are times for formal prayers, but in our daily prayer life, there is no need for pomp and circumstance. Here you find all types of prayers that can guide you on your way to developing your own unique style of prayer.

Our Story

DailyPrayers.com is run by a family who grew up as 3rd generation owners of a small-town Christian bookstore. Throughout life, we have explored our own paths through religion, church, and different denominations, but remain steadfast in the unequivocal belief that the Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God.

It is our personal belief that all too often, religion gets in the way of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We should strive to develop and foster that relationship, instead of getting caught up in the legalism and formalities that religion often promotes. The only way to truly get to know Jesus is through spending time in His Word and through prayer.

We hope that you find value in this site….and will feel free to contribute meaningful prayers that have helped you in any given situation…it may be just the inspiration that someone needs.

Sonshine Christian Bookstore Owners: Jo (far right), Denise (far left), and Daniel and Matt. Three generations. (Year 1995)